Internationally trained Feng Shui Expert,
Consultant and Coach

I help driven entrepreneurs and small business owners boost their business opportunities using Feng Shui and a money mindset to manifest their goals and grow their income.

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I will align your home/office space to match your goals by using practical Feng Shui solutions and money manifesting mindset to help you to :

Have greater success in achieving your goals and dreams.

Be more focused, have more clarity and direction to take action steps.

Make better choices to give better outcomes.

Boost the money opportunities to increase your wealth and income.

Bring balance and harmony into your life.


Consult No. 1

Assessment + Discovery


Assess and examine the space and check the opportunities in your Destiny Chart

Consult No. 2

Analysis Report Back


With recommendations and activations

Consult No. 3

Add-on Consultation


Monthly consultation with a report for the month to keep moving you forward so you can manifest your goals


The Assessment is to determine the Feng Shui of the Home and make recommendations to arrange, enhance and balance the energy of the environment to support the goals of the residents and business owners on how to Boost the opportunities and reduce challenges for the year.


  • >Health and Well-being
  • >Increase your wealth and career
  • >Improved love and happiness in your relationships
  • >Bring balance and harmony into the space and your life


  • >Increase your Network and Connect with more people
  • >Be Noticed and become more Visible to your clients, customers and Buyers
  • >Promote yourself and Business Brand with more ease
  • >Increase your communication skills with speaking gigs
  • >Close the Sale or Deal easily
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Sell Houses

The Feng Shui Consultation is to help Shift the stagnant energies in the home and to “push and Boost” the Opportunity to Sell the Property.


I started studying Feng Shui in 1998 travelling to Malaysia and Singapore regularly to train with many well-known International Feng Shui Masters and over the past 20 years that I have been involved with Feng Shui – teaching, consulting and coaching clients – I have been able to help, support and guide them to achieve their Money, Career and Relationship goals.

I also travelled to China on 2 trips with Joey Yap (Malaysia) to actually “Walk the Mountains” (The Dragon), to look at and recognise the landforms, instead of merely studying from a book. It is an incredible experience to actually feel the energy of the Meridian Spot of a Mountain.

I am constantly “up-skilling” and learning to keep up with what is new and to have up-to date information to pass on to my clients about what they can expect when making their decisions and setting their goals. I also regularly attend the Annual Feng Shui Seminar in the UK to inform my clients about trends for the forth-coming year.

I believe that Feng Shui is a wonderful tool to use to not only achieve goals but to be used to balance and harmonise the energy of a space, so that when you walk into a room, home or office space, you

Can really “feel the energy” and become happy, peaceful and serene. The result is that your day to day life becomes calm and settled and you can cope with any distractions or challenges that come your way and are so energised, that you live your life at full volume instead of being tired out and overwhelmed .


BOOK A FREE 15 minute Feng Shui Strategy Call

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“There was an exhilarating shift in the energy of my home and home office after the Consultation giving me the opportunity to achieve my goals of harmonious relationships and money opportunities for my business.
Many thanks to you,Glynis – Loved working with you!”


“I work from home and my small business certainly changed with your help. With you showing me where my money pot was, and helping me put together an idea to put a water feature there, within 2 days i had 2 new jobs. Incredible! Your understanding and especially your passion, really help me feel positive and confident to make things better and turn around my home and business for the better.  My home now feels more like a home, and my business is now growing successfully with the right spots around my house focussed on new business and money increase. Thank you for everything. What a difference to me!!! ”

Angela – freelance designer